Liquid crystal glass lining paper,Liquid crystal glass substrate backing paper

High-end cover glass spacer paper
Liquid crystal glass substrate spacer paper

Adopt 100% imported pure wood pulp, the water used in pulp and paper making is pure water after filtration. Paper soft, smooth, fine fiber, uniform color, no dust and no impurities, can effectively prevent glass mildew.

Special line, using special paper production line to ensure the cleanliness of paper.

The first one in China to do cutting environment for ten thousand level clean room, matching with the photoelectric industry.

It is widely used in liquid crystal substrate glass, cover glass, photoelectric glass and other industries.

Especially in the TFT liquid crystal glass field can meet the requirements of various sizes from G4.5-G8.6 generation. Customized production according to customer needs, to meet the different needs of different customers.

Used for glass protection during transit

The use of special LIQUID crystal glass substrate/cover glass spacer paper, will be separated from each glass, to prevent the glass in the production process of handling stacking between the glass and glass, prevent the glass from the production of the process of transportation to the customer’s hand between the glass and glass abrasion.

Physical parameters

   High-end cover glass spacer paperLiquid crystal glass substrate spacer paper
project unitSpecification values
Basis weight g/m230-6540-65
thickness mm0.05-0.10.07-0.08


PH 4.5-85-7.5
Tensile strengthlongitudinalkN/m≥1.53-7.5