Glass interleaving paper

In view of the special glass and high-end plate industry quality requirements are more and more strict, high quality packaging is more and more attention.

Huitong new material can be customized according to customer needs, using this color pulp or bleached wood pulp to make special paper, paper excellent, dust-free and dust-free.

Can effectively protect the product from trauma, and can effectively save space, save cost.

Widely used in:

All kinds of special glass, such as photovoltaic glass, home appliance glass, architectural glass, as well as PS plate, high-end aluminum plate, stainless steel plate and other industries.

Used for glass protection during transit

The use of special LIQUID crystal glass substrate/cover glass spacer paper, will be separated from each glass, to prevent the glass in the production process of handling stacking between the glass and glass, prevent the glass from the production of the process of transportation to the customer’s hand between the glass and glass abrasion.

Physical parameters

project unitSpecification values
Basis weight g/m230-65
thickness mm0.05-0.1


PH 4.5-7
Tensile strengthlongitudinalkN/m≥1.5